About us

Streamlor is a solution developed by Netlor Company based in Nancy in the Northeast of France.
Streamlor has a know-how and an expertise in the publishing of computer systems, which have been recognized for over 15 years in various fields (leisure, sports, finance, cultural venues and e-shop).

Netlor is specialized in information systems engineering, especially in the development of online management applications, synchronized reservation sites with access control and, more broadly, solutions around information security.

Thanks to its years of experience and the most innovative technological solutions, Streamlor offers various services to support its customers while improving their results and their performances.

We take your requests into account and we offer the most suitable solution.

Streamlor à propos de nous


Our values


We innovate in technologies and processes for ever more performance.


We treat our customers individually and take them to the next level.


Our teams are directly in contact with the customers for a commercial, technical and human follow-up.


We want to offer our customers a unique experience.