Access control


The turnstiles are made of stainless steel and have the advantage of being powered by a low current (12 V DC).

They consist of 3 arms with a locking system using an electromagnet, and falling automatically in case of power failure or failure, to ensure maximum safety.

The access control system supports any type of RFID and NFC access badge, respecting the ISO / IEC 14443 standard.

It can be cards in ISO II 86x54mm “credit card” format, soft rubber wristbands, key fob badges, and cardboard tickets equipped with an RFID chip.

Our system is completely support-agnostic, and does not require any preparation, pre-writing or locking of the badge so it can work on all the components of the access control. It doesn’t enforce any restriction on the desired RFID medium, and allow a very easy scalability.

Indicateur LED sur tourniquetsIndicateur LED sur tourniquets

The LED indicators are incorporated in the turnstile cover and are used to signal the status of the turnstile and display the direction of passage: the green arrow shows the authorized direction of passage, the turnstile is opened in this direction; the red cross shows that access is forbidden, the turnstile is closed.

Highly reliable, these tourniquets are guaranteed for a minimum of 4,000,000 passages in a row.

On the front, an RFID reading system with a card retriever allows the reading and automatic retrieval of single or expired single-use badges.
In addition, there is the possibility of using a QR code reader, built into the turnstile, allowing the flashing of barcodes for unit products.
These readers are also able to read directly from smartphones screens, reducing the amount of paper tickets needed, thus improving the ecological impact of the establishment.

For disabled people, swing gates with a glass door are available. The swing gate is available with a standard leaf of 650 mm or a leaf of 900 mm. The long leaf is used to facilitate the passage of people in wheelchairs or to organize an additional emergency exit in case of emergency.

 In the event of a power failure, the swing gate will unlock automatically and the leaf can be opened manually.

A physical and virtual control desk is proposed, allowing to manually unlock any turnstile from the cash box, via a physical control or a control button integrated into the StreamAccess solution.