POS software

We manage all financial flows in real time, thanks to a common collection system, whether the sale is made online or at a counter.

The cash register software allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • The sale of single and group entries
  • Sales of physical products and subscriptions
  • Flexible pricing
  • Product packs and promotional offers
  • Automatic ticket printing, invoices
  • Management of discounts, cancellations and gift vouchers
  • Edition of entrance tickets for access zones, activities or events
  • Emission and prints of tickets
  • Decentralized management of products, prices and customers
  • Export data in Excel or JSON format
  • Cash flow tracking, cash stock history
  • NF525 certified solution (french anti-fraud law)

Streamlor designs and implements software and hardware systems for the sale of tickets, products and services.

Our cash register software allows the management of several user profiles. Each profile has specific permissions, configurable by the manager and each user of the cash register is then attached to a profile, and only has access to the authorized features via his profile.

It is also possible to integrate a series of additional modules to enhance and customize the cash register software.

It is constantly updated and improved to suit the needs of each of our customers.