Connected building

Streamlor allows you to link security to modernity. Thanks to our highly innovative equipment, our access controls allow you precise management, immediate updating of attendance and presence flows for each area of your establishment, while being perfectly in line with your legal and security requirements :

  • Access to changing rooms and lockers with our latest generation turnstiles and gates
  • Access to workshops and activities thanks to a freedom of choice of RFID access badges
  • Self-service facilities: public access to facilities through our booking kiosks
  • Management of time overruns with our sign-out kiosks
  • Mobile control of attendance and supports: Limitation of abuse of attendance thanks to notre our control PDA
  • Management of security standards and attendance with a connected terminal and a control screen in reception thanks to a counting camera
  • Management of connected lockers
  • Monitoring levels and e-learning (Lifeguards and animators)