Control PDA

To stop the fraud, we have developed a mobile device to control the booking of sessions

By simply passing the user’s badge on the back of the device, it will instantly indicate whether the person has booked the selected course, or where applicable provides the information of the person’s badge (name, subscriptions…) and proposes the application of a penalty

The durability of the device is guaranteed even if it is used in a humid environment, in case of slipping, falling, loss, and it can even stay all night at the bottom of the water.

Finally, the touch screen is perfectly usable under water and with wet fingers.

The interface is very simple and uses distinctive visual elements, which avoids mishandling.

Running on a latest-generation Android system, it can be managed and controlled directly with Android’s fleet management tools.

This ensures that the device runs smoothly and avoids the use of applications that are not essential to the activity.