STREAMLOR offers an answer to all the management needs of your establishment:

  • Access control of the latest generation, combining availability, speed of processing and redundancy of information through a distributed architecture
  • Ticketing, thanks to an ergonomic, communicating and robust checkout software suite in degraded operation
  • Advanced management of activity schedules
  • Management of periodic registrations and reservations per session
  • Graphic design specific to each project
  • Value-added features : newsletters, polls, event management, learning tracking module…

We offer our customers several solutions to answer this problem:

  • A mobile solution connected directly to your network allowing a presence control directly to the pool (by a badge, an RFID card or a QR Code). In case of undesirable behavior, an alert is sent directly to the reception
  • Implementation of counting cameras for the control of incoming and outgoing flows

The experience gained on the ground reinforces our conviction of having real human support on a daily basis, contact and follow-up in order to respond to the emergency

We offer support packages to regularly train your staff and help you in your organization at the end of each cycle

Our real-time interconnected system significantly reduces the time lost by your staff.

This robust system overcomes connectivity and hardware failures and allows optimal operation even in degraded mode.