Online booking, account recharge and online payment

Public access to the booking module allows all users to access the following main features :

  • Consultation of activities and schedules

  • Access to the user account

  • Reservation and pre-registration of activities

  • Online purchase of services

  • Renewal of subscriptions

  • Stay in touch with the establishment

  • Modification of their information

  • Creating a family account


The step preceding the payment is the summary of the order, integrating all the information and choices entered. The article is added as a classic shopping basket. At any time it is possible to abandon all items in your shopping cart and empty his basket, or go to the validation of order.


Once the payment made and validated, the reservation will be effective. A recap is shown to you. It is possible to add other products for other activities and accounts attached to the main account. If this purchase was made while the user did not have a badge, an e-ticket is generated.


The e-ticket must either be presented in cash to activate it on a support, or used directly on a turnstile if it has a QR code reader.

Schedule management

The schedule lists all the activities, day by day. It must allow several types of views: by day, by week and by month. It is updated in real time with new bookings, registrations, and booking slots creations.

Clients have direct access to all the activities on offer as well as essential information to the smooth running of the activities : number of places available and remaining, the time slots available, the duration of the courses…

At any time, they can select and book the activity and the time slot of their choice from those available.

A mobile application is also at their disposal, which makes it easier for users.

Situation 1: More space for the aqua-bike course next week from 4pm! I receive an automatic alert via the application if a place is released

Situation 2: I always forget my appointments! I get an alert to tell me about my class tonight