With the Streamlor solution you can easily manage not only individual, family and group tickets, but also discounts, coupons, vouchers or special packages.

The Streamlor ticketing system is constantly being improved to be adaptable to the needs of each of our customers and to the technological evolutions: use of smartphones, reusable tickets…

The term “ticketing” encompasses all the functionalities required for the commercialization of the services, in the broad sense. They are concerned, beyond the sale of tickets; the management and the marketing of activities, events, reservation of spaces as well as the management of a possible shop.

Single entries and subscriptions are sold through the cash register or directly online. In the case of an online sale, after payment, the digital ticket is sent directly to the user. All physical or digital tickets, purchased on site or via the Internet, are immediately usable as soon as they are generated.

After collection of the amount due, and the registration of payment methods (cash, checks, credit card, holiday vouchers…), a ticket or an invoice can be automatically printed, and the software recharges the badges or printing / sending tickets.

As soon as the printing is finished, the ticket or the badge is immediately usable on all the control devices (turnstiles, PDA, terminals, hand-held scanners …) within the limit of the validity period.

Admission tickets are controlled independently through the use of hand-held scanners, turnstiles, gates… The validity status of tickets and subscriptions can be consulted at any time via a checkout, or on the Internet.